Rampage Audio Zip Packs

I’ve now added zip packs (zip files of mixes chopped into individual tracks) for my Rampage Audio series of Hard Dance mixes:

Rampage Audio 3
Rampage Audio 4
Rampage Audio 5
Rampage Audio 6

Some of these mixes have quite interesting accompanying posts that are well worth a read in their own right. In particular, if you’ve never read it, the essay that accompanies Rampage Audio 6 is an extensive look into how I construct mixes, and how it varies across genre. For Rampage Audio 5 I’ve included a discussion of each track in the mix, with a bit of background about the artists and the labels that should shed some light on what is an eclectic selection of bangers.

Doing this has reminded me that I’ve never posted Rampage Audio 2, so I will have that up on the blog soon, I promise!