Pearsall presents Rampage Teknikal 6

Pearsall presents Rampage Teknikal 6

Mixed in London, May 2006
(144.77 MB, 74:19, APX VBR MP3)

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Style: techno

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01. Technasia – Force (Technasia)
02. Christian Smith & John Selway – Work It (Deetron Remix) (Tronic)
03. Tom Hades – Nerves (Patterns)
04. The Hacker, Millimetric & David Carretta – Moskow Reise (The Horrorist Remix) (GoodLife)
05. G-Man – Mr Loopy (Defrag/G)
06. Mr Sliff – The Riff (Jericho)
07. Hardcell & Grindvik – Gainlane (Gainlane)
08. Trevor Rockliffe – Visions Of You feat. Blake Baxter (Smith & Selway Remix) (Intec)
09. Killa Productions – Good Life (Mr. B Special Edit) (K.B. Productions, Inc.)
10. Ignition Technician – Negative Charge (Core)
11. Elite – Canopus Rays (Indecent Grooves)
12. Martyn Hare – Downtime (Compressed)
13. D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Hotwire (Original Mix) (Infectious)
14. DJ Misjah & Groovehead – Trippin’ Out (DJ Steph K & K-Drive Remix) (X-Trax)
15. DJ Preach – Illusiones (Primate Endangered Species)
16. Cave – Mass In Motion (Primate)
17. Clones – Clones 5 (Clones)
18. Kay D Smith – Option 1 (Cluster)
19. DJ Bam Bam – Bass Beat Bang (Epochworx)
20. Paul Langley – Kanty Madness (Jamie Bissmire Remix) (Jackstar Recordings)
21. Auralizer vs Dexter W – Shake Dat (Auralizer Remix) (Minimalistix)
22. The Horrorist – Body To Body (DJ Stamba Remix) (Things To Come)
23. Hareball – Differ (Martyn Hare’s Milf Remix) (Emetic)
24. Ben Long – 14 Milez (Tortured)
25. Jamie Bissmire & DJ Bam Bam – Pump That (50hz)
26. Al Ferox – Rave Is Not Dead (Dancefloor Killers)
27. Jeff Amadeus – Leave Me Alone (Cluster)
28. DJ MinuPren – My Logic (Highball Music)
29. Martyn Hare – Dance Music (Highball Music)

Cover image taken by myself in a Brooklyn warehouse, April 2008

This is the sixth in the Rampage Teknikal series, and unlike some of the others, this is pure techno, going from some funky and tribally stuff straight through to militant hard techno. This was done in one take (I was meaning to do a second take to iron out some of the rough edges, but was too lazy to ever get around to it, so this is what you get!), on vinyl, on two turntables, with no post-mix editing. It also features an unusually large amount of monkeying about with the effects unit.

This mix was actually recorded (originally) with the idea that I would use it as a demo to try and score some gigs, as I had started buying records again at the start of 2006 after about a year of not buying new tunes (which had started off when I lost my job in New York and couldn’t afford pricey European techno imports and then continued even after I started working again and then moved back to London). Of course, being lazy, I never did this one a second time and I also kind of lost interest in getting gigs because I was no longer all that into going out clubbing and hassline promoters for gigs (although if there are any promoters out there who want to book me then by all means feel free!).