Pearsall presents Paradise Lost

Classic UK Hard Trance, featuring tracks from K90, Weirdo, Lab 4, Phil Reynolds, Choci, OD404, Jon Doe, and more!

Paradise Lost

Pearsall presents Paradise Lost

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Mixed in London, January 2006
(75:06, 104 MB, 192 KBPS MP3)

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Style: hard trance

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01. Carbon Based – Kraateri (Finrg)
02. DMF – Dream Machine (Baby Doll)
03. OD404 – Crashguard (Kaktai)
04. Mad Gay Mafia – Going To Hell (Strings Of Acid Techno Mix) (Efadrine)
05. Phil Reynolds – Ballistic (Aztec)
06. David Craig – The Imagination Runs Wild (Telica)
07. Jon Doe – Future (Honey Pot Hard)
08. DJ Mishka – The Time Bomb (Mad Gay Mafia Mix) (Efadrine)
09. Jens – Loops n’ Tings (Baby Doc Remix) (Top Banana)
10. S.U.N. Project – 380 Volt (Mash)
11. Choci & Mark Sinclair – What Is Love? (Cannon)
12. Neuron – The Past For The Future (Kevin Energy Remix) (Dynamix)
13. DJ Paola – Aliens (Choci Remix) (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
14. Wippenberg – Neurodancer (Prolekult)
15. Daniel Ro & Pepi – Remedy (Peroxide)
16. K90 – Species (Boscaland)
17. Weirdo – Photic Zone (Tinrib)
18. Lab 4 – Ready To Bop (Fragile)

This mix is similar to Dreadnaut in that it is a kind of classics compilation, in this case of UK hard trance. This mix combines some big anthems with some more obscure tracks from roughly the late 90’s up to about 2003, the idea being to present a seamless mix within this style, covering the period when this music evolved from Choci-style hard acid trance (i.e. trancier acid techno), exemplified by the Wippenberg and DJ Paola tracks, to Frantic-style UK hard trance (i.e. trancier hard house), as exemplified by the Jon Doe and Daniel Ro tracks. For much of this time the UK sound remained fairly aloof from the European hard trance scene, ocassionally taking on influences but always remaining sonically quite distinct and often not following the fads that swept through the German scene such as the slower bpm’s that came in in the late 90’s or the wub-wub reverse bass sound that Mauro Picotto pioneered.

There are some excellent tunes on this mix, and I’m very happy with how it turned out … if you like this sound I’m sure you’ll agree!