Pearsall presents Rampage Teknikal 4

A wild journey from funky electro and breakbeats through to pounding, take-no-prisoners hard techno!

Pearsall presents Rampage Teknikal 4

Mixed in London, January 2004
(69:45, 192 kbps MP3, 95.9 MB)

Cue file

Style: breaks, electro, techno

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01. Plump DJ’s – Born Sloppy (White Label)
02. Meat Katie & Christian J – Move Me (EQ)
03. Brothers Bud – The Alarm (Vinyl Addiction)
04. Technasia – The Awakening (Technasia Rise Mix) (Technasia)
05. Julian Liberator & Henry Cullen – Deviant EP (Clanking) (4×4)
06. Plump DJ’s – Mantra (Finger Lickin)
07. The Slag Brothers – Champion Sound (Killer Green)
08. Deep Impact – I Love Music (Supercharged)
09. Jammin – Tug O’ War (Bingo Beats)
10. Rennie Pilgrem vs DJ Deekline – Rippin Up Wax (Rat Records)
11. Jark Prongo – Movin Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix) (Hooj Choons)
12. Martyn Hare – Emetic IV (Emetic)
13. Mateo Murphy – Love Express (Umek Remix) (Turbo)
14. Anthony Rother – Body Talk (Cocoon)
15. Christian Smith & John Selway – Giant (Bugged Out)
16. E-Tribe – Romolo (Sniper)
17. DK8 – Murder Was The Bass Reworked (DK)
18. Tom Wax – Mechanical Slavery (Eric Sneo Remix) (Phuture Wax)
19. Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri – Pandoro (Primate)
20. Marco Remus – Indian Beast (Nerven)
21. Henry Cullen – White Lightning (Giant & Dwarf)
22. Glenn Wilson – Fotzen Funk (Punish)
23. Mecaneck – Smoof Day (Jerk)
24. Pneumatik – Tulpenrausch (Construct Rhythm)
25. DJ T-1000 – Bout To Bang It (Stanny Franssen Remix) (Inzec)
26. DJ Rush – Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke Remix) (Pro-Jex)

This, the fourth Rampage Teknikal, was the first edition where I added in some non-4/4 beats. The first two were strictly techno, and the third was half house, but for this one I used breaks and electro for the first eleven tracks before shifting over into techno and then building it up to a level that can only be described as very very banging by the end. Good times.

Nu-skool Breaks are a bit of a funny area, in that I tend to find the idea of them quite off-putting, but when I actually hear them I tend to enjoy them. I went through a brief phase of buying breaks back in 2004-2005, which this mix reflects, and I even did a full breaks mix called ‘Drop The Hammer 2’ which I will upload once I can find the mini-disc that I recorded it on (since the CD version I have has glitches on it). For this mix I used some fairly restrained breaks tracks that fit in well with the electro tracks. All in all, I think this mix worked out very well and was programmed nicely, considering that it accelerates from around 140 to 160 bpm. I hope you enjoy it!