Pearsall presents Original Basement Vibes (The Sound of Choci’s Chewns)

A tribute to the awesome Choci’s Chewns family of labels (Choci’s Chewns, VCF, VCR, Public House, and Cannon) and their unique hard acid trance sound.

Choci's Chewns

Pearsall presents Original Basement Vibes (The Sound of Choci’s Chewns)

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Mixed in Berlin, January 2015
(99:23, 227 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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Style: Classic Hard and Acid Trance sounds from the man like Choci and his various labels

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01. Calculas – Millennium (Mad Gay Mafia Remix) (Voltage Controlled Remixes)
02. Geezer & Choci – Mono Madness (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
03. DJ Choci – M25 (Dynamic Intervention Remix) (Public House)
04. Choci & EC1 – Natural High (Pink Cally Mix) (Choci’s Chewns)
05. Chris Liberator & The Geezer – 303 Power (Choci & The Geezer Remix) (Smitten Remix)
06. Choci, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & The Geezer – Acid Conspiracy (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
07. DJ Mishka – Going Back In Time (Mad Gay Mafia Mix) (Efadrine)
08. DJ Choci – Spaced Out (DJ Choci’s Pagan Mix) (Cannon)
09. DJ Choci – Can You Feel The Force (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
10. DJ Reche – Don’t Work (Choci & Mark Sinclair Remix) (Main Vein)
11. Choci & Injector – Nothing (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
12. DJ Paola – Souls Of The Tribes (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
13. DJ Riddler – Fast Track To St. Louis (Public House)
14. DJ Paola – Code 1000 (DJ Mishka’s Absinthe Mix) (Cannon)
15. K90 – Genesis (Choci’s Chewns)
16. Andy Allder vs Graham D – Snow Queen (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
17. DJ Mishka – Fifth Element (Skyscraper Mix) (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
18. DJ Theron & Jon Doe – Rubber Banned (Public House)
19. The Darkman – Mad Gay Mafia (This Is Fucking Trippy Mix) (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
20. Tasha Killa Pussies – Burn Baby Burn (Choci’s Chewns)
21. DDR & Choci – Valhalla (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
22. DJ Choci & DJ Paola – Cherokee (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
23. Beamish & Choci – Stingray (Voltage Controlled Remixes)
24. Choci & Tickle – Flute (Choci & Andy Allder Remix) (Voltage Controlled Remixes)

in the mix

Welcome to to 2015!

And what better way to start than with a new mix, huh?

To kick things off, I am very pleased to present this tribute to the Choci’s Chewns family of labels, purveyors of some of the finest UK Acid/Hard Trance to ever(ever) grace wax.

This mix was picked out by competition winner Martyn Amos (whose own bespoke vintage Goa Trance mix was delivered to him on Christmas Day). Originally it was going to be a general acid trance round-up, along the lines of my previous mixes There Must Be A Future and Squat Rocking 5, but when I actually started going through my records I realized that it would be awesome fun to just do a mix of stuff that Choci released on his various labels, plus some remixes he did for other labels, and one tune from Choci associate and shop employee DJ Mishka’s own Efadrine label.

Choci's Chewns record store on St. Anne's Court
Choci’s Chewns record shop entrance (photo by Ilan Sklar)

For those of you who are unaware, Choci’s Chewns was a record shop and label based in Soho in London’s West End, run by long-time dj/producer Choci (duh). The shop was located in the basement of a building in St Anne’s Court, a narrow pedestrian cut-through between Wardour Street and Dean Street in Soho.

Like all the best record stores, part of the pleasure was the anticipation – descending the stairs and hearing the music get louder and louder, knowing that soon you would get your hands on that sweet, sweet black plastic. I was a pretty regular customer for a few years at the end of the 90’s and the beginning of the 00’s, and it was consistently one of my favorite haunts for hard dance sounds, along with Kinetec near Oxford Circus, Basement Vinyl in Kilburn and Elite in Victoria. Their stock always included the best of UK and European hard trance, acid techno and hard house, and Andreas Mishka (who was mostly working there when I was going) was always friendly and frequently hooked me up with promos, which was no bad thing!

What was the sound of Choci’s Chewns? Well, Choci’s labels specialized in exactly the tunes featured on this mix – hard, energetic trance, filled with memorable riffs, rhythms to bounce to, and enough acid lines to strangle a python. Whether in a dirty warehouse in the depths of pre-hipster Hackney or in big races at places like Brixton Academy or The Astoria, these tunes always rocked the spot like no other.

Choci from Choci's Chewns
Choci – the man himself! (photo by Ilan Sklar)

The sound of Choci’s Chewns, both the shop and the labels, was pretty much the soundtrack to some of my greatest nights out as a young guy – it was the fuel that drove parties like Pendragon, Escape From Samsara, Tectonic, Trancentral, Undertow, Antiworld, and many others to greater and greater heights of lunacy.

I make no pretense that this is a definitive mix – I just pulled together a bunch of tunes that flowed nicely together and rolled it out. I’ve also deliberately used only tunes that I’ve not used on Hard Trance mixes before, which is why some of your (and my) favorites don’t feature. It’s also pretty heavy on tunes from the Voltage Controlled Frequencies label, but there’s no mystery behind that – it was my favorite of all the labels. I think it works pretty nicely … your mileage may vary, of course!