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Girdler Synthetic’s Frantic Classics

2 hours of classic hard dance from Girdler Synthetic in tribute to London’s legendary Frantic party crew.


Girdler Synthetic’s Frantic Classics

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Mixed in London, May 2012
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Style: Hard House

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01. OD404 – Robot Jam (BK Remix) (Kaktai)
02. Exit EEE – Epidemic (Edison Factor Remix) (Y2K)
03. Chunk Brothers – Drop This Like A Boulder (James Lawson Remix) (Honey Pot)
04. Phatt B – And Da Drum Machine (BK Remix) (NuLife)
05. NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Baby Doc Remix) (Top Banana)
06. Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Checkin Da Cuts (Red)
07. Matt Williams & Phil Reynolds – The Shout (Edison Factor)
08. Heaven’s Cry – I Don’t Need This (Riot Bros Remix) (Tidy Two)
09. E-Trax – Let’s Rock (BK’s Nukleuz Remix) (Tidy)
10. Andy Farley & Paul Janes – I Can Feel It (Paul Glazby Remix) (Vicious Circle)
11. Stimulant DJs vs Mark Kavanagh – Work It Out (Stimulant)
12. Psyclone – Good Side (Andy Farley Remix) (Tidy)
13. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (KY Jelly Babies Remix) (Tripoli)
14. Modulas – Shake (Equinox Remix) (Katalyst)
15. Ian M – Dreamer (Pants & Corset Remix) (Tidy)
16. K90 – Breathe (Steve Blake & Phil Reynolds Remix) (Recover)
17. Jon Doe – Warehouse (Honey Pot)
18. Equinox – Direct Drive (Tranzmit)
19. OD404 – Whizz Bang (Short Circuit)
20. Matt Williams & Carl Nicholson – Streamline (Equinox Remix) (Elasticman)
21. Tony De Vit – The Dawn (Dark By Design Remix) (Tidy)
22. RR Fierce & K-Live – Yamamba (Vicious Circle)
23. Kam-Pain – I Believe (Passion)
24. Ian M – Crazy Pills (Vicious Circle)
25. Legend B – Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix) (Bulletproof)

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Happy Tuesday!

Once again I am very proud to present an excellent guest mix by the one and only Girdler Synthetic. This time he has put together a very special tribute to Frantic, London’s legendary hard dance party crew. If you’re into hard house/hard trance and you live in London, chances are that you have attended a Frantic event over the years … and chances are that you will dig this mix!

As for me? Well, I certainly went to many many Frantic events during my years as a clubber. I went to all their different parties – Frantic (duh), Hard House Academy, Convergence, Chemistry, Timeless, and Provocation, at venues like Brixton Academy, The Fridge, Crash, The Temple, and above all the legendary Camden Palace.

This mix captures the Frantic sound from what, for me, were the golden years – 1999 to 2003, an era of infectiously danceable music, the kind of tunes that fired you up instantly. Music that gave you a sharp pang of anticipation as you heard the first notes walking up the tunnel to the main room at Camden Palace, suddenly emerging into a heaving, sweaty space where everyone everywhere was moving. Thundering kicks, pumping bass, sweeping melodies, twisted hoovers – the Frantic sound was not a subtle one, but my God it was fun. OK, so hard house is not necessarily the world’s most complicated music, but there have been few experiences in my life more thrilling than riding a big snareroll up with thousands of other people and seeing the entire Camden Palace explode as one when the drop comes.

Sometimes chins just don’t need to be stroked.

This was music for a long hard night’s stomping, for going straight on the floor at 11 before falling off, grinning and bathed in sweat, at 6am, exhausted but happy. Everything fun about hard dance can be found in this mix, and it’s put a big smile on my face ever since Mr Girdler sent it through to me. Enjoy!

As a bonus, here’s an excerpt from an old interview with Mr. Frantic himself, Will Paterson (the promoter and founder of Frantic):

Over all the events you have promoted over the years, which has been the most memorable?

Will Paterson: The most memorable event I’ve promoted would be the first Camden Palace event almost 4 years ago in April 1999. Id been trying to hire Camden Palace for nearly a year, but the venue was heavily in demand for the House and Garage scene and it was impossible to get a date. Finally I was given a date and went to work with a passion.

Up until this time we has been getting 2-3000 people every month at Bagleys and the Rocket with little or no flyering and no ads. Almost all of the audience came by word of mouth and we had only just begun to book National DJ’s like Steve Thomas and Pete Wardman. The core appeal of our event lay with our residents Phil Reynolds and Spencer Freeland to the extent that they would often play 2 sets at every event!

We promoted the Camden event for 6-8 weeks and by the day before the event we had sold 1000 presales, which was unheard of at the time when there was no or little advance ticket culture. In addition we had over 500 on a paying and free Guest list. I remember being very nervous about whether we would sell out and whether the night would work.

On the night I arrived at the venue at 7pm for a 9pm start to see a huge Q down the side of the venue. By the time we opened the doors at 9pm the Q went completely around the Block and in the end we had over 2000 punters and turned away over a 1000 people!

The night itself had its problems as all first nights at a new venue do as clubbers got to grips with the layout of the venue, but it was certainly some feeling looking out over the dance floor at 6am! …

Can you give us an insight into your movements on the day leading up to a major event such as Hard House Academy or Mainframe?

WP: On the day of Hard House Academy my business partner Thibaud and I take on different roles.

Thibaud is the Production manager. He will arrive at Brixton Academy at 11am and stay right through the day and the night. During the day he will oversee the arrival of the 5 different production companies that we use to create the experience that is Hard House Academy.

Brixton Academy is known as a ‘dry hire’, which means it’s an empty shell until we bring in Sound, Lights, Lasers and Decor. This is a huge process that begins 3-4 months before the show. Thibaud meets with the different companies and designs a show for the event and then on the day ensures that everything is in its place!

I take responsibility for everything else. This includes liasing and answering any questions from the artists, dealing with any enquiries about door sales and working with Robyn to ensure that we have everything we need like posters etc to open the event.

I arrive at the Academy at 5pm for Sound checks and to inspect the lighting etc. I then stay right through the night and run the Door with Thibaud and carry out regular inspections of each room once the event is open …

What are you long term plans for the Frantic brand?

WP: The long term plans for the Frantic brand are to continue to provide the finest all night entertainment in the land. We are always looking to update and renovate our approach to account for developments and improvements to the Worldwide Hard Dance scene and indeed general clubbing culture and most of all keep bringing our love of dance music to others!

Fundamentally this will involve supporting our favourite new and award winning DJ’s and using what we believe are the most exciting venues while keeping the ticket prices at the lowest possible.

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