Ave it!

A pre-streamlined Skelp playing at Rampage, Edinburgh, 2002

From time to time people ask me if I’m planning on doing any more freeform hardcore mixes … and frankly it’s a pretty good question!

I’d like to, but I left my freeform collection in London when I moved to Edinburgh, so now that I’m moving back to London, it looks like I’ll hopefully get the chance to put together one or two old skool freeform mixes in the coming months.

Until then, however, you could do a lot worse than check out The End of the Beginning, the great new mix that my old friend Skelp has just posted. I’ve known Skelp since the Rampage days, and he’s always had an ear for quality tunage, and this set is no exception, slamming through some golden early freeform/trancecore favorites from labels like XY2, Nu Energy, Digital Beats, and Great British Techno.

As the man himself would say … yaldie! 😀

Oh, and sad bastard that I am, of course I created a cue file for it, which you can grab here.