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Guest Mix: Tyssen presents Nick Sentience Tribute

Tyssen’s tribute to UK hard dance legend Nick Sentience.

Nick Sentience Tribute

Tyssen presents Nick Sentience Tribute

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Mixed in Brisbane, October 2010
(85:14, 196.16 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Hard House/Hard Trance from Nick Sentience

Direct link to the mix:

01. Nick Sentience & Harry Diamond – Techno State (Nukleuz)
02. Nick Sentience & Mark Tyler – Amplify (Nukleuz)
03. Nick Sentience – Digital Dialogue (Nukleuz)
04. Nick Sentience – Discotech (Nukleuz)
05. Nick Sentience & Thermobee – Freakshow (Nukleuz)
06. Nick Sentience – Meridian feat. Nick Rowland (Reset Records (Spinnin))
07. Nick Sentience & Nick Rowland – Innovation (Riot Recordings)
08. Mario Piu presents DJ Arabesque – The Vision (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) (BXR UK)
09. BK & Nick Sentience – Noise (Nukleuz)
10. BK & Nick Sentience – Soundman (Nukleuz)
11. Praga Khan – Injected with a Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) (Nukleuz)
12. Lisa Pin-Up – Baddest Mutha (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) (Nukleuz)
13. RR Fierce – Neuronex (Nick Sentience Remix) (Vicious Circle)
14. Double Drop feat. Nick Sentience, James Lawson & Phil Reynolds – Imaginate (Album Version) (Quality Trax)
15. Nick Sentience – Deep Inside (Nukleuz)
16. Nick Sentience & Phil Reynolds – (Instru)Mental (Nukleuz)
17. Nick Sentience & Phil Reynolds – DMC (Nukleuz)
18. Nick Sentience & Phil Reynolds – Back 2 Front (Nukleuz)
19. Nick Sentience – Ride the Groove (Turmoil mix) (Nukleuz)
20. BK & Nick Sentience – We Come Alive feat. MC Hyper A (Riot! Recordings)

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After the great response to his Pendragon tribute (over 1000 pageviews already!), Tyssen has produced another excellent tribute mix, this time to Nick Sentience, one of the leading London hard dance producers of the last decade.

Here are Tyssen’s notes about this mix:

Most people who have an interest in hard house, hard trance or trance would know who Nick Sentience is. For those that don’t, Discogs has a good bio but basically he started out as Nukleuz’s in-house producer in 2000 and formed a partnership with BK which spawned some of the best-known hard house/trance tracks of the last decade.

More recently he’s also been producing some psy trance tracks (although I’m not sure if any have actually been released on a label yet) but 2010 has seen him concentrate on producing trance with tracks being picked up by some of the big name DJs.

Most of the tunes on this mix are from his Nukleuz days (I stopped buying vinyl about 2004) but there’s a few that are a bit later than that period including a couple of his more recent trance tracks. I think the track selection shows off his versatility because you’ve got in there techno, hard house, hard trance and trance.

This mix is actually the third tribute mix I’ve done this year of tunes from my old record collection. When I was ripping the vinyl for the Pendragon tribute I thought I’d have a go at doing a few other tributes to my favourite producers, which led to me doing this mix.

For those of you who are curious to find out more about Nick, here’s his bio from his own site:

Nick Sentience has managed to achieve a massive amount in his ten years as a leading dance DJ and producer. He has been responsible for some of the international club scene’s most devastating floor fillers, and has worked alongside the world’s top record labels and received support from the majority of Top 100 Dj’s. He has won and been nominated for multiple awards and toured the world many times playing close to 1000 gigs. Nick is currently a resident on clubbing giant Slinky’s global radio Station

Nick has released 2 highly acclaimed artist albums and is hard at work in the studio finishing his 3rd which is being released July 09.

Finally, here’s an excerpt from a 2004 interview Nick did with Resident Advisor:

Since bursting on the dance music scene around 2000, you managed to stay at the top of your game. From your perspective, have things changed much since then in regards to the scene?

Like everything in life, the music scene is ever-changing and you really need to stay on top of your game if you want to make it.

Do you see yourself staying within the hard dance sound as a producer and DJ or eventually moving onto something completely different?

At the moment I’m really getting back to my original music ethos which was extremely anarchic, and that first excited me about writing and got me determined to do it. I have always loved all styles of music and got a bit caught up in the hard dance scene to the exclusion of all else, which was great fun as it all kicked off, but I’m doing break beats and all sorts as well these days. Variety is the spice of life!

Seeing as the majority of dance music fans are still fascinated with harder beats, what do you think draws a person to that sound? What’s the attraction?

I think it’s all about the sense of ‘community’ that you get in the harder scene. There is always loads of energy and enthusiasm and clubbers come together to simply enjoy the party. In a lot of the other styles you get a snobbery that just doesn’t exist in the harder scene! And lets hope it stays that way!