Pearsall presents Rampage Audio 3

Old skool hard house and hard trance action from Pearsall – originally recorded in 2002!

Pearsall presents Rampage Audio 3

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Mixed in Edinburgh, April 2002
(67:17, 106 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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Style: hard house and hard trance

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01. Thera – Menace (Boscaland)
02. Warmduscher – Hardcore Will Never Die (Instrumental) (Tracid Traxxx)
03. Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Yoji Biomehanika’s Hellhouse Remix) (Rhythm Republic)
04. Interface – Drok (Opal Remix) (Mesh)
05. Jon Doe – D6A (D Records)
06. BK & Andy Farley – Step Away (Endorphin Mix) (Nukleuz)
07. Titchy Bitch & Fallen Angel – Retribution (Hennes & Cold Remix) (Mohawk)
08. Weirdo – Horny (Tinrib)
09. OD404 – Magnecor (Bulletproof)
10. Narcomaniacs – Narcomania (Dip)
11. RR Fierce & DMF – Full Metal (Fierce Technik)
12. Paul Glazby – Here I Come (RR Fierce Remix) (Vicious Circle)
13. Casper – Wallop (Passion)
14. Steve Blake – Get A Rush (Impact 2002 Remix) (Impact)
15. Si Macca – Body Blow (Jumpwax)
16. A&E Dept. – And The Rabbit’s Name Was … (Stay Up Forever)

This was possibly the best of the Rampage Audios, featuring some absolutely classic tunes and some notably tight mixing. The first two Rampage Audios had been done as a promotional vehicle for our night, Rampage, but after that ended in February 2002 I carried on doing the series to try to score some dj gigs. This mix actually did get me some gigs. A few of these tracks were very rare at the time, as I had ‘Full Metal’ on acetate, since RR Fierce had got one cut for me (with ‘Just Begun’ on the flip … talk about a plate!) after I had booked him for our first birthday. Tragically, he passed away in a freak accident in Australia before the gig happened. Anyways, the track didn’t see the light of day on vinyl for another year, which gave me the rare sensation of being ahead of the pack (ish). The other rarity was the Yoji remix of ‘Iguana’, which I had picked up in Japan a few weeks before I recorded this mix; that track didn’t surface in the West until BXR licensed it two years later.