2018 Recap and Ideas for 2019

dj raccoon sweater

2018 was pretty decent! 11 new mixes, almost 60k listens on Soundcloud, and featured on DJ Mag and elsewhere, not bad!

Here are the mixes in question:

As for 2019, here are some ideas that I originally published in the last post, Get It 002: Get Robotic:

So, what’s coming up in 2019?

I have loads of ideas!

There’s a special three part acid project that I originally wanted to do after hitting 200,000 listens on Soundcloud – I have it sort of developed, I just need time to record it. Plus I also want to do something interesting with both design and writing to accompany it.

It’s been a few years since Eurotrash 6 – maybe time for another in that series?

I plan to do more mixes in the Get It series, with some ideas for different genres to cover including breakbeat, grime, new ragga jungle and new school hardcore.

I would like to do new tribute mixes to dubstep heroes Mala and Matty G.

As far as jungle / drum n’ bass goes, God there are so many ideas. I would like to do a follow-up to Drumwar, and I would also like to do an old atmospheric jungle mix, similar to That Dream is Over from so many years back. Maybe a Kid Lib tribute mix too, to match my Tim Reaper one from a year ago? Plus it would be fun to dig into my ’93 hardcore collection and follow up on Darkside Generation.

So that’s a lot! In reality, I won’t be able to execute everything that I’ve just mentioned, but it sure will be fun to try.

See you in 2019!