Freeform Friday: Pearsall – Dreaming of Berlin (Le Dos-On Remix)

Koreanischer Garten, Garten der Welt, Marzahn, Berlin
Koreanischer Garten, Garten der Welt, Marzahn, Berlin

So, I’ve been a bit slack in mentioning this, but Freeformatted have recently released Japanese freeform purveyor of awesomeness Le Dos-On’s remix of my track Dreaming of Berlin on the new Freeformatted EP003.

If my original was an attempt to fuse the mid-90’s hard trance sounds of Mark EG and M-Zone with freeform, Le Dos-On’s remix goes back to the early days of freeform/trancecore, with a big and bouncy party flavor.

Check it out below or head over to Soundcloud to download it, along with savage new tracks from Vyral XIII and Horzi & Alchemiist!


Freeform Friday: Substanced’s The Second Collapse

Substanced - The Second Collapse
Substanced – The Second Collapse

The remix EP for Substanced’s killer 2011 album When The World Collapses is here … and it’s amazing!

It’s an exciting taster for his forthcoming second album, Futureform, and it’s a good indicator that 2014 will be as good or better on the freeform front as the last two (excellent) years.

My personal faves are Japanese man of the moment Le Dos-On’s turbo-charge remix of Shadows of Tomorrow, and Transcend & Dyzphazia’s chunky as fuck refix of Skullcrush. The Proteus remake of Geneva Part II is awesome as well, but if my ears don’t deceive me, it sounds like there is some clipping in the track and that it wasn’t mastered properly? Anyways, good work everyone!


Freeform Friday: Freeformatted – The Remix EP

Crossrail, London
Crossrail Tunnel Digging, London – Image from The Atlantic InFocus

Last weekend, Dyzphazia and DJ Hellfury released FFMEP001, the first Freeformatted EP, as a follow up from the excellent Freeformatted Vol. 2 compilation album. This EP contains remixes of some of the tracks from the album, and features not just freeform, but also psy-trance and chill-out stuff as well.

And all for the can’t-be-beaten price of FREE!

Evolutionize – Pain (Alchemiist Remix)
MHX – Gray Death (Kranic vs Tekbet Remix)
MHX – Gray Death (Sky Dragon Remix)
MHX – Gray Death (Blue Phoenix’s After Life Remix)
Nomic – Innocence (Evolutionize Remix)
Qygen – Supersonic Speed 2013 (DJ Triex Remix)

Here are my three fave tunes from the EP:


Freeform Friday: Unreleased Freeform

New York City by night - photo by alifewortheating
New York City by night – photo by alifewortheating

Happy Friday!

This week’s edition of Freeform Friday is all about celebrating those classic bits of freeform that never saw wax, for whatever reason. Some have since emerged as free MP3’s (never quite the same thing), some remain in limbo, and some, well, seem to be lost forever.

I’ll start with two tracks from Sharkey’s mix on Bonkers 3, which was, imo, perhaps the single best edition in that hallowed series.


Freeform Friday: Alderz vs Beezee, Strength in Numbers, and Le Dos-On

Rain at Tegel

Happy Friday! I’m very happy to announce that I am starting a new feature, Freeform Friday, which will (when I get around to doing it!) feature freeform mixes and tracks, new and old.

To kick things off, here’s Beezee vs Alderz from last week’s edition of the Freeformaniacs show


Carbon Based – Ancestor (170 Mix)
Pearsall – Dreaming Of Berlin
Substanced – Crank Cleopatra (2012 Mix)
Transcend – Universe
Nomic – Rule Breaker
DJ RX – Hellfire (Betwixt & Between Remix)
Narkotik – The Fucking Shit
Alchemiist – Empire
Le Dos On – Sanctuary
Twisted Frequency – Innocence (AMS remix)
Nightforce – Second Redemption 09
Re-Form – My Sickness