Yet more zip packs

I promise to have a new mix up within the next ten days, but while you wait, why not check out some (more) of my old mixes, now available in zip packs of carefully split individual tracks?

Here’s what I’ve put up so far:

Called To Valhalla
Drop The Hammer 7
Eurotrash 1
Eurotrash 2
Over The Horizon
Paradise Lost
Rampage Europa 1
Rampage Europa 2
Squat Rocking 1
Squat Rocking 2
Squat Rocking 3
Squat Rocking 4
That Dream Is Over
The Dying Light
The Waveform Cult
We Control The Night
Wobble City

Please drop a comment below if you’d like me to put up a zip pack for any particular mix that I’ve yet to add.

Zip packs now available

For those who like their mixes split into individual tracks (like I do!), and who don’t want to go to the hassle of using CueSplitter to split them, I’ve now added links to zip packs containing the chopped-up mixes to the pages for each of my hard house tribute mixes, just above the cue file.

Check them out here:

Baby Doc – A Tribute To Baby Doc
Dom Sweeten – The One True Dominator
Karim – Kariminology
RR Fierce – Forever Fierce

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to add a zip pack for any particular mix.