Pearsall presents We Control The Night

85 minutes of uncompromising music, starting from 135 bpm early 90’s rave then building through hard techno to 190 bpm gabba!

Pearsall presents We Control The Night

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Mixed in London, September 2009
(84:11, 152.57 MB, APX VBR MP3)

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Style: early 90’s rave techno -> hard techno -> hardcore -> gabba

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01. Omni Trio – Alien Creed (Moving Shadow)
02. The Hypnotist – Pioneers Of The Universe (Rising High)
03. Clementine – The Opening (Djax-Up-Beats)
04. Ravesignal – Horsepower (R&S UK)
05. DJ Doc Scott – Surgery (Ordinary Mix) (Absolute 2)
06. Lunatic Asylum – My Beat (Dance Ecstasy 2001)
07. E-Dancer – Velocity Funk (Stacey Pullen Remix) (KMS)
08. Exiter – Trezpazz (X-Trax)
09. X-102 – Ground Zero (The Planet) (Tresor)
10. Mizbehavior – Rubber Scorcher (Cluster)
11. Joey Beltram – Drome (Warp)
12. Jeff Mills – La Force (Purpose Maker)
13. D.O.M. – Organics (Stay Up Forever)
14. Martyn Hare – Dirty Bastard (Tremors)
15. Cristian Varela – Armas Sime Tricas (Primate)
16. Temperature Drop – Clawhammer (Cluster)
17. Dark & Evil – Demonchrist (Hool)
18. DJ Frankie Bones – We Can Do This (Fabulous Music)
19. Aqua Contact – Cinderella (Bonzai)
20. Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Cherry Mix) (Bonzai)
21. Dyewitness – Brrrr (Mid-Town)
22. Einstein Doctor Deejay – Automatic Sex (Mayday Mix) (Plastika)
23. KI-Real – Claim Ur Prize (Bionic)
24. Citrus – Fascination (Sublogic)
25. Lenny Dee – Alpha 1 (Edge Records)
26. The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear (Cold Rush)
27. DJ Bountyhunter – Woops (Bonzai)
28. Arjuna & Beyonder – Shoot That Motherfuck (Cenobite)
29. Phrenetic System – Fantasy (Bonzai)
30. Tronic – Neuroworld (Frankfurt Beat)
31. Kleine Boiz – Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik (Nacht Mix) (Steel Wheel)
32. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now (Babyboom)
33. Nitre – Machinery (Cenobite)
34. Wedlock – I’m The Fuck You Man (Ruffneck Classic)

Cover: Original photo taken in the Gdansk shipyard, Poland, June 2009, then digitally manipulated by myself

I hope everyone had a good Christmas … as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided that the best way to celebrate is to put up my three remaining mixes over the next week, the last week of the decade.

I’ve decided to start with this mix, We Control The Night, which is my tribute to the magic of raving, particularly the joys of old school raving. Using pretty much exclusively very old tracks, this mix starts off at about 135 bpm with early 90’s rave techno before accelerating through boshing hard techno through to full-on hardcore rave music, peaking at mental 190 bpm gabba. Quite a journey in 85 minutes!

Since this mix I dedicated to the diverse pleasures of raving, I thought it would be nice to go to a few different web forums and ask, “What is your favourite party memory?”. My selection of the stories people provided in response is below, but please feel free to drop your own reminiscences in the comments below:


The first squat party I went to when I was 16 in London, at Union St in Stratford. It was NYE 98 in a 5 storey old factory/office type building with about 3 sound systems on each floor, people on the roof. Fucking carnage haha. I had never been in a club at that point I don’t think, and had only been smoking weed for a few months. Was a bit of an eye opener to say the least haha!


There’s sooooo many.

I was at a rave in a roller-skating rink in about 93 or 94. Jeff Mills and Kevin Saunderson playing, Jeff even played a few requests too lol.

Got to about 4 or 5 in the morning, gig went till mid-morning. Mate and I got a bit sidetracked so we popped out to convenience store, came back with a big bottle of baby oil. We ended up oiling up a huge section of the floor. Floor was painted concrete so was slippery-as. The sight of all these smashed ravers running and doing 10+ meter slides was gold.

Was at another party about 94 in Melbourne, heaps of tech played. Party was in a laser skirmish maze, a huge place. Anyway, about 3 the lights went out and stayed out for about an hour but the music played on. Funny as fuck when you’re in pitch black tripping with ya mates and they are hammering stuff like Hardfloor, Dr Fernando, and Emmanuel Top.


Skumtech at the BBC props warehouse … now that was fucking insane.

Massive warehouse, many rooms and floors, all filled with washing machines, sofas, chairs, beds, kitchen appliances, books (they tipped the books onto the floor and made a dancefloor of books), sound systems everywhere of course, rooms full of folders and files that said things like ‘top secret NHS corruption report’. We didn’t know it was the BBC props warehouse at the time so we really couldn’t work out what the fuck was going on with this building.

Was so nice to build yourself a little chill out area out of furniture when you wanted to time out.

Paul Zykotik

I remember walking into a club with a couple of mates and seeing another mate of mine, who wasn’t exactly god’s gift to women, walk up to us with an incredibly hot girl in tow. We assumed he was just chatting shite to her and then he turned round and they got stuck into each other. We all stood there with incredulous looks on our faces, none of us could believe it.

The next night he got shitfaced and spent an hour shouting outside her bedroom window. That was the end of that.


I went to the Brixton Academy last October for an Australian couples’ leaving do – they were heading back to Kangarooland you see and were having one big night before they went. I had a little homemade stew consisting of alcohol, speed and MDMA, but if I’m honest – which I always am I’ll have you know, there seemed to be little effect on the whole dinner when I was roaming like a sex pest inside the venue. That was until I saw from a not so far distance a man dressed up as a woman – how funny! He looked ridiculous with his ugly features and enormous push up fake breasts. So I’ve grabbed them haven’t I – and fuck me they’re only real, aren’t they!

Turns out it was a bird after all.

For a good long second I have my hands firmly clasped over the top of each titty with both of us sharing a look of horror and disgust on our faces – although she probably had more right than I had. She had a fella with her too, whom I quickly shifted over to and said, “fuck me, I thought she was a man’ which really didn’t help matters. He couldn’t have been her boyfriend as I think he was beginning to break into a smile, although I wasn’t going to hang about to find out.

As for speaking to the chick, fuck that, what was I supposed to say – “Sorry, I thought you were a dude?” So I legged it into the mass of people and hid.


I once passed out at a party and woke up in a batman costume 200 miles away from where it had been held, after the initial panic had subsided it was quite funny. I’m not sure how it happened, apparently I just walked off at some point in the middle of the party and didn’t come back, I was tripping balls at the time and to this day I have no idea how it happened


My favourite memory is from my 1st rave, a nice-looking girl looking not so nice taking a huge dump right on the side of the road. I knew I had attended a proper rave when i saw that!



We organised a rave up on the A20 in Kent. I was dj-ing at the house section, my mate did one off home and left me with a Henry of Bass. The night went mad after that, pulling the most incredibly filthy bird, walking 5 miles through fields and forests back to hers, weed factories and then waking up in my ex’s living room with a load of weirdos around me. I ended up riding a kid’s bike (from a bin) all the way home just to speed up that long journey.


Chewing a glow stick till it burst in my mouth 🙂


NYE at the leisure centre party … seeing a bloke come past me on roller skates dragging a CRT monitor behind him by the VGA cable


A friend walking down a track towards the car I was sitting in skinning up. He walked between the cars, then opened some random’s car that was next to mine, got in, sat down and shut down. Then looked at the person, who was also in the car. A visible surprise jerk, then a puzzled look around, saw me pissing myself in the next car, slowly got out, shut the door and got into my car. Then asked me if I had seen the fox he was trying to save from the farmer. He thought he had got away but just wanted to make sure. Hmm … 2cb.


Going to my first free party. Feeling the anticipation mixed with fear of the unknown, the whole build-up to it was sublime. Taking the location off the party line led us to the venue. Once inside we found ourselves in what could only be described as psychedelic bliss, no surface nor space was left untouched by the elves of psychedelic art with installations, drapes and sculpture, dripping with mind bending UV wonder. Having set up camp near the ground floor dancefloor, I plied my gas for trade and barter. The happy sound of gas had acquired me the crustiest hippy I’ve met to date with dreads way past his knees; gas for tabs – a fair trade!

2 hours in the place was heaving. Someone whom I had borrowed a lighter off came back looking for it , in exchange for his lighter he placed on my wife’s hand a fairly heroic dose of dried shrooms. After a brief chat with him we learned of a 2nd floor!!! (think of how big a Megabowl is? this place was packed floor to rafter with the fluffiest party crew evar and there was another floor!) The ground floor must have been the warm up staging area as nothing could quite prepare me for the upstairs, full power, balls to the wall , take no prisoner psy trance with more projections, vjing, art installs and one massive heaving dance floor! The fluff was strong.

Then the mushrooms hit.

I danced,
I laughed,
I rolled on the floor laughing,
I laughed some more.
I laughted till i cried.

And some how 7 hours had passed, the wise decision of escaping home under the cover of darkness was made. What a fucking party.

Jon Boy

If I had to pick a Rave Memory it would have to be The Orbit in Leeds (at the Afterdark in Morley). The best club I have ever been to! It was the first proper club I went to. November 1996, I was 20 and just discovering dance music.

The Orbit was a proper techno club, dark, industrial and rammed full of people who just wanted to have it. I’ve never been anywhere that had the atmosphere that place did. The last 2 hours was universally approached by everyone like it was the last 2 hours of your life.

The club was a natural amphitheatre with 3 balconies around a small circular dance floor. People used to hang off the railings of each balcony, leaning out over the dance floor. If you stood in middle of the dance floor and looked up all you could see through a full 360 degrees was hundreds of smiling faces leaning out and punching the air to every beat. It was like there was a collective repsonsibility to egg each other on to go more mental and dance harder.

Going there and experiencing an atmosphere and a mentality like that honestly changed my life! I was pretty middle class in my thinking and had a very closed view on life before discovering this club. The diverse range of people who went to The Orbit week in week out made me start taking people for who they were and disbanded the predjudices I had wrongly assumed.

The music was awesome and the club attracted the best techno dj’s in the world; Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, CJ Bolland, Surgeon, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Jay Denham, Dave Angel, to name but a few. The music was awesome – the fuel for the atmosphere, but it was the people that made it. The design of the venue allowed for a very personal vibe because it concentrated 600 people so close to each other and the DJ, but it was the people who went there that really made the difference. Everyone knew that, and for that reason it was the best club in the world, no contest.

We had many great nights in there; Jeff Mills on early so the club was full 30 minutes after the doors opened and it got so messy people were falling down the stairs. Carl Cox Playing a 3 hour set after having danced in the middle of the dance floor for 2 hours before his set. And the quieter nights when the students had gone home when Jay Denham played tunes so funky and groovy that you ended up dancing for hours without stopping. Dave Clark playing the midnight set at New Year and dropping “I’m a disco dancer” after the last chime to fooged out dance floor ripped apart by the most amazing green lazer.

“What’s your name? Where you from? What have you done?”

The Orbit, RIP, Thank you for the best memories of my life. A time and place i’m so grateful to have been able to experience.

Enjoy the mix!