A note about the different Rampage mix series

There were five series of mixes that I started while I was living in Edinburgh to cover different styles of hard dance music, all growing out of promoting a night called Rampage:

* Rampage Audio: The flagship series, covering the latest upfront hard dance music, from techno to hard house and hard trance, with carefully selected older tunes thrown in. The first one was a back-to-back mix with Phil Zero that was originally done as a giveaway for the first Rampage party. The subsequent mixes were done by myself to showcase my sound and skills in order to get some gigs. There were six of these in total.

* Rampage Archives: These were a series of mixes that I did to showcase some of the older hard trance sounds that I was into. Despite the title, I never really played these types of tunes at Rampage, but I did enjoy doing them. There were four of these in total.

* Rampage Europa: This series was devoted to the modern sounds of European hard trance and hardstyle, but unfortunately I seem to have lost volumes two and three, although I will certainly put them up if I can locate them!

* Rampage Technikal: This series started out as a vehicle for straightforward techno mixes but morphed over time into a set of techno-inflected mixes, working house, breaks, and electro into the mix alongside techno. There were five of these in total.

* Rampage Turbo: HARDCORE YOU KNOW THE SCORE! These mixes covered music north of about 165 BPM. For the most part, these mixes were UK-style trancecore/freeform hardcore, but there was also from time to time bits of hard acid trance, European hardtrance, and gabba. There were seven of these in total.