Pearsall presents Called to Valhalla

Absolutely lethal hard trance/freeform mix – not for the faint-hearted!

Dragon Warrior

Pearsall presents Called To Valhalla

Mixed in London, March 2006
(64:20, 89.8 MB, 192 KBPS VBR MP3)

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style: freeform hardcore

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01. Warlock – The Sound (Andy, Choci & Weaver’s Blue Butterfly Mix) (Majestic 12)
02. Choci & The Powder Front – Just Feel It (Public House)
03. Karim – Columbia (Do Not Bend)
04. DJ Fury – Lemonade Raygun (FDN)
05. Cortex – Eurosis (Xy2)
06. Trance Masters – Call Of The Last Tribe (GBT)
07. Lab 4 – Candyman (Fragile)
08. Penguin Conspiracy – Welcome To The Future (Digital Beats)
09. Legend B – Lost In Love (Baby Doc Remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
10. DJ M-Zone – Rave To The Slave (UK44)
11. D-Zyne – Digital Havoc (Xy2)
12. Miss Nic & DJ Swoon – Voices (GBT)
13. MC MC & Rushour – Music Maker (DJ Fury Remix) (Clued)
14. DJ Energy & Safe N’ Sound – The Baptism (Nu Energy)
15. Helix – Now Control (Stompin’ Choonz)
16. DJ Eclipse – Light Cycle (Bonkerz)
17. Air Bomb – Hidden Code (Techno Mix) (Electric Kingdom)
18. Shanty, Tazz & Loopy – Outbreak (Tazz Remix) (Digital Beats)
19. Suburban Delay – All I Need (Eurostomp Remix) (Jolly Roger Lite)

Very fast, very loud, utterly uncompromising. Rave music in its concentrated essence.

It’s also quite conservative. But is that such a bad thing? I mean really?

I used to be a fully paid-up member of the cult of musical ‘innovation’, of the “man, we need forward-thinking music, maaaan, things are like so borrang if they stay the same for like five minutes,” but it’s all bullshit after a while, isn’t it? The demand for newness, the cult of novelty, means that you cannot appreciate something, really savour it, since you are always searching out something fresher.

But then again I guess that an obsession with musical newness is part of being young. I’ve found that as I get older my relationship with music has slowly switched away from the kind of frenzied obsession that I had when I was younger to something more measured and calmer. I think it’s quite rare to maintain a teenager’s all-consuming passion for music well into your twenties, and so this is what I have found.

I suppose my skepticism on this matter is of a piece with the general rightward drift of my opinions over the last couple of years, as well as just the general aging process. I don’t see the particular virtues of restless innovation in architecture, in the kinds of monstrosities that architects, liberated from having to work in harmony with their built environment and animated by their hatred of convention, now routinely inflict on us. Is a traditional meal not more pleasant and tasty than the huckterish showmanship of nouvelle cuisinge or so-called ‘molecular gastronomy’?

So, in a round-about way, this is my defence of my love for banging hard trance and hardcore.

It’s not innovative.

It’s not stylish.

Lindsay Lohan will never blast rails to it.

But it’s fuckin mental, and that’s good enough for me.