Andy Farley’s Trade Memories

Andy Farley's Trade Memories

Andy Farley’s Trade Memories

8 mixes, 128 tracks, and over 10 hours of music!

Recorded in Birmingham, 2008

Style: House on mixes 1-3, Hard House on mixes 4-6, Nu-NRG on mixes 7-8

Each mix available as both a single mp3 file and as a zip file of separate tracks

Click here for my interview with Andy about Trade and these mixes
Click here for Andy Farley’s Trade Memories 2
Click here for a larger version of the cover

I would like to thank Flickr user Inner Forrest for allowing me to use their Trade photo for the cover of this mix series. Please see the original here and make sure to check out their photostream!

Note: All mixes are 320 kbps mp3

Part 1

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Richard F – Good Love
02. Joey Musaphia – That Sound
03. The Crooked Clan – Thug Life
04. S-Man – Rhumba
05. Sound Design – So Everybody (Get Off It)
06. Warehouse People – Got Me In A Spell
07. Eddie Amador – House Music
08. Ralphi Rosario – Back To The Front
09. The Tamperer – Feel It (Sharp Master Blaster Dub)
10. DJ Dan – Put That Record Back On (Peace Division Mix)
11. Alcatraz – Give Me Luv
12. Andres Mijangos – Harmony
13. Bernard Badie – Love Explosion (Bass Dub Part 2)
14. Millenium – Everybody Reach
15. Viper – Car Alarm
16. Get Fucked – Last Night A DJ Fucked Your Wife
17. Raven Maize – Together Forever (Malcolm Duffy Remix)
18. Liz Torres – Set Urself Free (The Edge Factor Dub)

Part 2

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Liz Torres – Set Urself Free (The Edge Factor Dub)
02. Partycrashers – Ang’ My Pikcha (Sharp Remix)
03. Richard F – Cookie Dough Dynamo
04. Jimmy Somerville – Hearbeat (Armand’s Cardiac Mix)
05. Mike Pierce – Parade
06. Saeed – Higher
07. Olav Basoski – The Prize
08. Get Fucked – Private Parts
09. 99 All Stars – Chemical Generation
10. Timo Maas – Der Scheiber
11. DJ One Finger – House Fucker (Get Fucked Remix)
12. Sharp Boys – Sharp Tools Vol 1 (A Side)
13. Kasie Sharp – Pulling The Strings (Sharp Dub)
14. Orinoko – Mama Konda (Timo Maas Mix)
15. Cevin Fisher’s Big Freak – The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix)
16. TDR – Squelch
17. The Freak & Mac Zimms – Spin Me Wild

Part 3

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. The Freak & Mac Zimms – Spin Me Wild
02. 99 All Stars – Soakin’ Wet
03. Groove Master – Never Again (The Hard Steve Mix)
04. DJ Sneak – Different Shapes And Sizes (In Da Clouds) (Alan Thompson’s Head In Da Clouds Mix)
05. E-Motion – I Stand Alone (Sharp Vocal)
06. Patrick Prins – La Luna
07. Cool Jack – Jus’ Come (Sharp Blasted Dub)
08. Floorshow – Rock The Turntables
09. Candy Girls – Wham Bam (Sharp White Limo Remix)
10. Jas Van Houten – Gimmy Pouwa
11. East Anglia – Unmanageable (Sharp Raided Dub)
12. Fruit Loop – Show Me Love
13. Tin Tin Out – Dance With Me (Sharp Mad House Remix)
14. Phil Jubb – Remember Me (KGB’s Coalesced Dub)
15. Twisted Angel – Feel It

Part 4

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Twisted Angel – Feel It
02. The Experts – Motor
03. Noise Junkies – Flexible Friend
04. DJ Onne – Get It On
05. DJ Ziad – Ruff DJ
06. Knuckleheadz – House Rocca
07. Precision vs DJ Buddah – N-Gioa
08. Lagos – Technocat (Cherry Trax)
09. The Freak & Mac Zimms – Submission
10. Natural Born Grooves – Forerunner (The Experts Remix)
11. Base Graffiti – Pump Up The Sound
12. Joy Foundation – Work It
13. 2 Slags – Pet Rescue (Steve Thomas Remix)
14. Kitty Lips – Keep Rockin’
15. Dynamite – Turn It Up
16. L.A.C. – Welcome To The Space (Steve Thomas Remix)

Part 5

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. L.A.C. – Welcome To The Space (Steve Thomas Remix)
02. Must – Get Loose
03. Steve Thomas – Higher
04. Friction Burns – Pull Down
05. OD404 – Block Party (Baby G Mix)
06. Dave Randall – Bombay
07. Shane Morris vs Jon The Dentist – Power
08. Barr & Winchester – Checkin’ The Cuts (Incisions Remix)
09. F1 – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
10. Incisions – Beyond Motion
11. Fantazia – Get To The Back
12. The Captain & Steve Thomas – Keep It Rockin’
13. The Captain & Steve Thomas – Snap
14. The Committee – Welcome
15. Epik – Eternal
16. Tony De Vit – Burning Up

Part 6

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Tony De Vit – Burning Up
02. Castle Trancelott – Indoctrinate
03. Dave Randall – South
04. Triple J – Deep House (F1 Remix)
05. Elevator – Shinny
06. The Source – Clouds (Jon The Dentist Remix)
07. King Of House – Drum Fire
08. Bush Babies – Delicious
09. Antic – The Ultimate
10. E-Trax – Let’s Rock (Tony De Vit Remix)
11. Awex – It’s Our Phuture (Tony De Vit Remix)
12. Hellfire Club – Voodoo Magic
13. Flax – Intoxication
14. Hampshire & Weatherly – Breathless (Tony De Vit Remix)
15. Cygnus X – Turn Around (Tony De Vit Remix)

Part 7

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Cygnus X – Turn Around (Tony De Vit Remix)
02. Tony De Vit – Get Loose
03. Marmion – Schoneberg (Marmion Remix)
04. DJ TV & Azidman – Stop
05. Yo Yo – Ga Ga
06. Lectrolux – Baloney
07. Incisions – Breakdown
08. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Red Jerry Mix)
09. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (Tony De Vit Trade Mix)
10. Sapphire – Never Be Lonely Again (S&T Club Mix)
11. Commander Tom – Are M Eye
12. Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Tony De Vit Mix)
13. DJ Edge – Nations
14. Black Acid – Ariella
15. Toja – Put Your House In Order
16. Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready

Part 8

Single mp3 file
Zip file (cut into separate tracks)

01. Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready
02. Mind-X – Feel The Generation
03. Baby Doc – Yum Yum
04. Tony De Vit – To The Limit
05. Sigma 2 – The Controller
06. Kleine Boyz – Eine Kleine Nacht Music
07. Tony De Vit – Starlight
08. Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care
09. Dyewitness – Trancecore
10. Mm & Mm’s – Space Jam (Choci Remix)
11. Jens – Loops N’ Tings (Fruit Loops Remix)
12. Illuminate – Tierra Del Fuego
13. Demonic Emotions – Stuck On A Space Trip (Jon The Dentist Remix)
14. Weirdo – Curva Peligrosa
15. Jon The Dentist – Global Phases

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  • Loving these mixes absolute legand!!! but can’t save them 🙁 is there a quicker way to save them?

  • Hi Jojo,

    Can you clarify what problem you are having? I’m happy to try and help.

  • yeah sure,
    i’m on a mac pc, so don’t know if that would make a difference? when i click on the link and it takes to the page that you can listen to it. when i right click to save it, i get told will take and hour and it’s hardly d/l had 40mins remaining for aaaaages. or is it a bit slower to d/l mixes on here? or am i being impatient haha.
    thanks hunny 🙂

  • OK, just so I am sure that I understand you, when you click on the links to save it runs very slowly and at a certain point it seems to stop downloading?

    Sometimes the server seems to run slow – it could be overloaded with too much traffic at the moment. I’ll email my hosting company and see if they can help – alternatively, I guess you could try again later today?

    If I think of a better solution I’ll send you an email. 🙂

  • yeah that’s the one, when i fight cilck on the page you listen to it from. will prob just be our internet connection, started to go a bit quicker now.
    thank you loads for helping me.xx

  • That’s good to hear! Would you mind telling me what kind of speeds you were getting (in terms of kilobytes per second) as well as how long the slowdown lasted, since it would be useful to tell the hosting company?

    Also, I’ve had problems with Mac users before in terms of setting up links (for some reason, embedded links don’t seem to work very well for Mac users), so I’m happy to put the proper links in a comment for you if you’d like – are you downloading the zip files or single mp3’s?

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  • ketkid

    Hi mate,

    Not a big deal at all but just a bit of housekeeping for you – downloaded the zipped versions of these, and you’ve got track 815 (JTD – Global Phases) zipped up in mix 7, not 8.

  • Thanks mate – I’ll look into this over the weekend.

  • rory

    Mate-only just discovered your website, and it is like going back in time to the best days of my life. I was a reg tradebaby, ff, dtpm regular, and my mate Steve Richards was a good friend of Tony’s and I was lucky enough to reg be on his guestlist. Would take all day to sum up memories, and most I fortunately can’t remember anymore, but thanks to you and Andy Farley for this terrific stroll down memory lane.Cheers!

  • Nice one Rory, really glad you enjoyed this!

  • Alan Gordon

    Hey dude,

    Great stuff on putting this together. I am having a problem with downloading. Here it is.. I want to download the mixes to listen to on my phone… The downloadable versions you have are all split up into seperate zipped files which wont play on my phone, and the only way I am able to listen to the complete mixes is by clicking on the single mp3 file option (only able to do this when online).

    Is there a way for me to download the mp3 files of the seperate sections of this mix? The same goes for the 2nd mix Andy did, Trade Memories 2.

    Thanks from Ireland.


  • Alan Gordon

    Hey dude,

    Me again. I have since sorted the problem I was having. I switched to another laptop and was able to right click and save as.

    Fucking delighted I have these mixes to dip into for some nostalge [sp].

    Many thanks from Ireland.


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  • tidytriks

    realy love this. im not even from the uk but trade and the sound moved me n changed my taste in music forever

  • Robert

    Hardhouse God

  • Robert

    AbsoLuTÈ LÈgeNd. . . . My LyF i$ nOt ThÈ sAmÈ aFtA AnDy FaRLeY, LOL

  • JB

    Only just starting to listen, but certainly looks set to be an enormous treasure trove of my music from my era. Thanks Pearsall. So glad the links are still alive, and at 320kbps too. Going to work on downloading the second batch during the coming week.