Photographers wanted

As regular readers of this blog will probably know, I am a big fan of photography. I usually use my own photographs for the mix covers, and I have posted entire galleries of pictures to accompany my mixes Drifter and Summer Snapshot.

One of my other interests is social media, a topic on which I write a blog at In particular, I am very interested in ‘social sourcing’, how people can use the different forms of social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc) to create and share content.

This being the case, I thought that it might be interesting to combine my three passions (music, photography, and social media) into one little project. Among my forthcoming mix projects is a mix entitled Cold World, which, as I described here, will be a selection of some of my favourite tunes from the mid-90’s wave of darkside drum n’ bass. Since that music was so dark and so cold, it seems to me that a great way to accompany the mix would be to post a gallery of winter photographs.

This is where you come in.

Are you an amateur photographer?

If so, I’d like to hear from you!

What I’m looking for is your favourite winter photograph (that you took, of course), as well as some kind of description. This could be anything from just where you took it to a couple of paragraphs telling the story behind the picture, or why it’s your favourite winter picture.


Great! Please email the image (the higher-resolution the better), the description, your name, and your website (if you have one) to me at, making sure to include the words ‘Cold World’ somewhere in the subject field. Having received your photo, I will then be more than happy to include it in the post that will accompany the Cold World mix.

I look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime, I’ve recorded a tribute to dubstep don Skream, which will be live on the site tomorrow.