• Mikey

    Still rocking out Rampage Turbo 3, 7.
    Called to Valhalla.

    Have you done any real trancy stuff ?, like CM – Dream Universe (After On Sunday DJ George’s Mix), if anything compares to that, fucking awesome.

  • hi Mikey,

    Not sure what you mean when you say ‘really trancy’ – do you mean like late 90’s Gatecrasher-type stuff? Probably the closest I’ve done to that style is a mix called The Dying Light, which you might enjoy.

  • Mikey

    Some classics there, reminds me of the old Reactivates..
    I like the old acidic ‘close your eyes, melt away’ tingly mind trip stuff.
    That mix of CM – Dream Universe is trance at it’s best imo.
    Pablo Gargano – Organic is another good one,


    Art of trance – Octopus,, god yeah..

  • another one you might like is Rampage Archives 1

    that Pablo Gargano tune is tasty!