A few links

A few links to mixes I’ve liked recently.

Bass Music Mix 8 – Von D – Von D is a French dubstep producer who has recently caught my attention with his fusing of classic Detroit techno-style chords and melodies to a dubstep framework. This mix at the excellent Bass Music Blog features a load of his productions all smoothly mixed together. A real treat.

Dunfyboy’s Mixes – I first found his site when he dropped a comment. Some realy good mixes across a range of genres. His High Contrast mix went straight on my iPod and is a particular highlight.

DJ Harmony’s old skool trance mixes – This is the motherlode if you love that old European hard trance sound! 20 excellent mixes, covering everything from uplifting Paul van Dyk style to wibbling acid to out-and-out rave mayhem. Fucking fantastic and not to be missed.

What next?

I’ve still got a number of unreleased mixes to put on the blog, so I’ve decided to throw it open to the readers (I know you’re out there, since I check my stats every day, sad person that I am!).

Anyways, I’ve got three mixes left over from my little frenzy before I left London:

Squat Rocking 4 – The fourth installment in the Squat Rocking series of mixes, and it’s 28 tracks of absolutely blistering hard techno. Scare your neighbors!

That Dream Is Over – Inspired by the set I did on InterFACE radio earlier in the year, this is a mix of 94/95 style artcore jungle. Tearing beats and soothing melodies.

We Control The Night – 85 minutes of gradually building madness, starting out with early 90’s rave techno and then moving through hard techno and acid through to hardcore and finally to full-on 190 bpm gabba mayhem.

If any of these sound good to you, leave a comment letting me know which you would like me to put up on the blog next.