Other People’s Mixes I Like, Part 4: Plastician’s May Mix

One of the dubstep mixes that I have been caning for the last couple of month’s is Plastician’s May 2009 mix, which you can download here.

Plastician (or Plasticman as he used to be known back when I interviewed him in 2005) is one of the leading dj’s in dubstep/grime, having long straddled the borderlands between the two genres, although these days he is probably better known as a dubstep dj (dubstep having long since outsripped grime in global popularity). Besides being an excellent producer, he is one of the best dj’s around, with an absolutely razor-sharp mixing style, which he deploys to good effect in this mix. If you are looking for other examples of his mixing prowess, his disc on the Rinsessions compilation remains for me pretty much the finest grime mix cd I’ve heard, and his Rinse 06 mix cd was a wicked combination of dubstep and grime.

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Behind the scenes …

Despite the seeming lack of activity, I am feverishly working away behind the scenes! Since we are moving to Edinburgh next month, I am stockpiling mixes to roll out over the next couple of months, with new editions of the Drop The Hammer and Squat Rocking series already done, and several more mixes planned in a variety of styles.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Pics from the Hackney Wick Flea Market

me on the decks, in pensive mode (large version of this pic available here

The Hackney Wick flea market in post-industrial Hackney Wick, East London a couple of weeks ago was good fun. I went along, checked out the sights, had a very tasty home-made brownie and played an enjoyable hour and a half of some mellower dubstep (being under strict orders to play no wobblers!). Below the jump, check out some more pics, an interview with the organizer, as well as the tracklisting of my set.

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