Pearsall presents Obsoleted

Pearsall presents Obsoleted

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Mixed in London, January 2009
(19:56,34.59 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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Style: bassline house with a bit of dubstep at the start

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01. Plasticman – Camel Ride (Rephlex)
02. Search & Destroy – Desperate Measures (Storming Productions)
03. DJ Narrows – House Of Pain (Octagon Dubz)
04. Outlaw Breaks – The Hacker (Left Records)
05. Notorious – Spanker 4/4 (Harry Lime)
06. Wiley – Igloo (4/4 Remix) (White Label)
07. Fannypack – So Stylistic (Blackjack Vocal Mix) (Tommy Boy)
08. Sirus – Bullet Proof (4/4 Mix) (Lime Limited)
09. DJ Narrows – My High Is Comin Down (Fallen Angel Pt. 1) (Octagon Dubz)

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This is a little mix that I recorded with some records that I found at my sister’s place in Brooklyn earlier this month. They were left over from when I left New York back at the end of the summer in 2005, when I left several hundred records with her. In the time since I have been slowly bringing them with me to England, with these part of the last batch to be brought over. In fact, when I was going through the records in her apartment, I was pleasantly surprised to find the tunes featured on this mix, since I had forgotten that I owned them in the first place.

These are all (with the exception of the first two), 4/4 bassline-heavy UK garage tunes. Quite percussive and very bassy, these were precursors to the bassline house sound that has exploded in popularity in the last two or so years. When I bought these I was going through a phase of being massively, massively into grime, and these were purchased these as random additions to my orders from various British online record stores like Uptown Records and Rhythm Division. Of course, with the dollar-pound exchange rate terrible at the time, I could only afford to buy a few of these tunes, so I make no bones about admitting that this is only a modest selection. Still, these tunes are quite fun, and I enjoyed working my way through them quickly, and you might well enjoy this taste of something different from myself.


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  • Thanks for posting these mixes!!I’ve come across them on several sights, however I’ve very much enjoyed reading your comment and observations on the music as well as the inspirations behind the mixes.

    I love music of all kinds from Aphex twin to Vaugham Williams so even though i my first love is Trance and Acid Techno the drum and base stuff is going down very well.

    To be very cheeky, do you know of a tune call INSTANT ZEN ASTRAL COMMUNITY MIX ON NOOM RECORDS, I love this tune!! I had as part of a mix on an old tape by a guy called Grant from a sound system called BWPT. Do you know where i could access this tune as part of a mix?


  • Glad you like the mixes, dude!

    Yeah, I know that Instant Zen tune – sadly, though, that’s one of the Nooms that I don’t have (although I’ve been pondering getting it through Discogs for a little while). Not sure where to get it on a mix, though, as on Discogs the only mix it’s listed on is an old mixtape by an American dj from the mid-90’s, so that’s probably not a very good option.

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  • Darkinthepark

    Missed this badboy.

  •  Thanks dude, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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